Visiting Horses

This year the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) was not allowed to be open. But, the Carlsberg Championship team of horses haven’t been at the CNE for a long time. I remember seeing the team of horses pulling the beer wagon when I was a teenager, and younger. It was one of the things I most liked to see each year. The horses were huge. I still especially like those big horses like Clydesdales, Belgians, Jutlands and the others like them. I’m not a horse person, to the the extent of studying them, visiting horse events or riding horses. But, I enjoy seeing the big horses and I have ridden horses a few times. Not lately.

When did you last see horses, live (not on television or the Internet, or a photograph)? You could make a road trip to visit horses. Look for a horse farm, or a place where horses are boarded. Drive out there and find a place to park and watch the horses outside. It’s peaceful to sit with the car engine off, windows open to the breeze and the quiet.

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