Did you Know About Milk Tokens?

Found at an Etsy shop with this information:

From the late 19th century through the 1960s and 1970s, dairy distributors of Canada issued tokens as monetary substitutes for convenient home delivery. They also served as advertising.

Kemptville, I think, is now part of Barrie, Ontario. So a bit more local history for Ontario. I didn’t know there were tokens like this. But, I do remember milk still being delivered when I was a kid living in what is now the eastern edge of Scarborough, Ontario. It used to be Port Union, but not known by the name of the original town any more.

Old Hamilton, 1950’s

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I think this was taken in the 1950’s by my Grandfather, Bill Scherle.

Likely this was taken from the mountain, or what they call a mountain in Hamilton. It is a nice view. Some of these type of houses can still be found in Hamilton. The house my Mother grew up in is still there. We drive out and visit it every few years.

My Father was born in another country so we can’t visit his childhood home. I don’t know if it still exists and I’ve never seen it.

Do you know where your parents were born, have you seen the house or photographs of it? Does it still stand? If you don’t know anything about it can you find out from someone?

Visiting Horses

This year the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) was not allowed to be open. But, the Carlsberg Championship team of horses haven’t been at the CNE for a long time. I remember seeing the team of horses pulling the beer wagon when I was a teenager, and younger. It was one of the things I most liked to see each year. The horses were huge. I still especially like those big horses like Clydesdales, Belgians, Jutlands and the others like them. I’m not a horse person, to the the extent of studying them, visiting horse events or riding horses. But, I enjoy seeing the big horses and I have ridden horses a few times. Not lately.

When did you last see horses, live (not on television or the Internet, or a photograph)? You could make a road trip to visit horses. Look for a horse farm, or a place where horses are boarded. Drive out there and find a place to park and watch the horses outside. It’s peaceful to sit with the car engine off, windows open to the breeze and the quiet.