Ice Bubbles in Alberta

In a post about beautiful places around the world, Alberta is one of those selected.

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It’s beautiful, interesting, and explosive. This remote lake in Alberta is home to ‘ice bubbles’ – bubbles formed when methane gas freezes as its approaches the surface of the lake.

The plants at the bottom of Abraham Lake produce methane – a highly explosive gas that rises to the surface of the water during winter. As it approaches the surface, it freezes and creates the incredible ‘ice bubbles’ that make the lake such as popular destination for photographers.

Old Hamilton, 1950’s

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I think this was taken in the 1950’s by my Grandfather, Bill Scherle.

Likely this was taken from the mountain, or what they call a mountain in Hamilton. It is a nice view. Some of these type of houses can still be found in Hamilton. The house my Mother grew up in is still there. We drive out and visit it every few years.

My Father was born in another country so we can’t visit his childhood home. I don’t know if it still exists and I’ve never seen it.

Do you know where your parents were born, have you seen the house or photographs of it? Does it still stand? If you don’t know anything about it can you find out from someone?

Old Niagara Falls

Today, taking you to another time and place, I found old photographs (taken by my Grandfather’s brother) of Niagara Falls. One is from “City of Niagara” and I don’t know if the building is still standing or not.

When did you last make a trip to see the Falls? It is a lot different from the days I remember as a child. Now you can’t even get close to the water. The old path along the Falls is blocked off, at least at the main tourist area. How do you remember the Falls? Remember the spray of the water, even from farther back there was a mist in the air.