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Young Men Dancing in Ireland

I read a little about this group of young Irishmen. The group formed when everything was cancelled with school and work last year. Read more about them in an interview on the Irish Central website.

Now, they are working to add a modern style to Irish Celtic dancing. Just nice to see young people working at something together and doing it well. The group is called Cairde Dance Company. I found a collection of video posts on Tiktok and a few on YouTube.

Engraved Rolling Pins for Fancier Pie Crusts and Cookies

Pie crusts were the first thing I thought of when I saw these engraved rolling pins on Etsy. More than a few shops have them so it must not be new.¬† I’d pick some of the floral patterns, something that would work with most types of pies. At least in my mind, any sort of floral can also be about berries, apples, peaches and all the other delicious pies. Probably not for chocolate pie. But, we usually make fruit pies.

SweetRollingPins – Seasonal, holiday, floral, animals, patterns, and animals. This paisley print was the first I found.

GoodyWoodycompl РThe paisley pattern might be my favourite, but there  are others (like damask, forest, Spring, and morning birds which make it harder to choose just one).

Vectoart – Has mini rolling pins and full sized.