I Almost Bought a Refreshing Mask Spray

You can find a whole mask side business industry on Etsy.

  • refreshing mask sprays to make them smell nice
  • mask lanyards and chains to wear around your neck when your mask is at the ready
  • mask carrying cases, disposable or not
  • ear savers, alternate ways to wear your mask if it bothers your ears.
  • mask brackets, to push the fabric off your face
  • mask filters to use when you don’t want to wash your mask
  • mask stickers/ decals

Of course there are all sorts of assorted masks. Masks for events, causes, and various personalities. You can find masks for the bride at her wedding. (Wearing a mask to your wedding? Great photos).

Many businesses have been ruined by the lockdowns and restrictions. Some have found a way to make use of it.

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