I Almost Bought a Refreshing Mask Spray

You can find a whole mask side business industry on Etsy.

  • refreshing mask sprays to make them smell nice
  • mask lanyards and chains to wear around your neck when your mask is at the ready
  • mask carrying cases, disposable or not
  • ear savers, alternate ways to wear your mask if it bothers your ears.
  • mask brackets, to push the fabric off your face
  • mask filters to use when you don’t want to wash your mask
  • mask stickers/ decals

Of course there are all sorts of assorted masks. Masks for events, causes, and various personalities. You can find masks for the bride at her wedding. (Wearing a mask to your wedding? Great photos).

Many businesses have been ruined by the lockdowns and restrictions. Some have found a way to make use of it.

Ice Bubbles in Alberta

In a post about beautiful places around the world, Alberta is one of those selected.

EarthPorn – 11 Mindblowing Locations You Won’t Believe Are Really on Earth

It’s beautiful, interesting, and explosive. This remote lake in Alberta is home to ‘ice bubbles’ – bubbles formed when methane gas freezes as its approaches the surface of the lake.

The plants at the bottom of Abraham Lake produce methane – a highly explosive gas that rises to the surface of the water during winter. As it approaches the surface, it freezes and creates the incredible ‘ice bubbles’ that make the lake such as popular destination for photographers.

For Sale in Montreal, a Purple Smartie Car

I know it’s not intended to look like a purple Smartie (candy in Canada) but it does. Pretty fancy and almost a million dollars to buy this Lamborghini. If you were homeless with this car you would need to get a storage until to park it in and live in yourself. It would be a shame to live in the car itself and have it looking worn and messy. This is what I thought of after thinking of having this car myself.