A virtual road trip. Destination: distraction from your cares and woes. A sabbatical without walking far from your front door.

This site is a result of my stress, depression, anxiety, and the feeling of being trapped (which is really driving me crazy), during this Covid panic mongering.

I was born as a distraction from the hockey game my Dad was watching. My Mom brought me home in time for Christmas, with a bright red ribbon in my hair. Although I was a little young to remember, I expect I was a distraction during the Christmas season for my parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts too – I was the first baby in our immediate family. That is kind of a special thing. A good distraction.

My earliest memories are road trips. Road trips being one of the best distractions ever invented! My Mother is approaching 80 and she still takes impulsive road trips without a rigidly planned schedule or destination. She would pack all four of us (I have a brother and two sisters) into the station wagon or van (more than one vehicle over time) and just take off any time she felt frustrated with my Dad or life in general. So I know road trips are a great cure, well at least the best distraction from what ails you and whatever is making you feel stressed, trapped and upset.

If you have read this far you will (hopefully) understand the purpose of this site and what it is about. Destination: distraction.